Here’s how you can protect yourself from increasing pollution

Here’s how you can protect yourself from increasing pollution

Every single day, world is exposed to greater health risk as a result of growing sources of pollution and it is a clear disruption of the global eco-system. The very air we breathe is growing dangerously polluted and as a result nine out of ten people now breathe polluted air, which kills more than 7 million people every year.

Today’s victims are yesterday’s healthy people because, pollution did not exist in ancient times but it began to manifest itself in the modern era. And if we are not careful and don’t stop, it will turn today’s healthy people into future’s victims.

And if you choose medicine to fight back, then brace yourselves for the increased doses because pollution isn’t going away but is bound to increase.

The only visible solution to this deadly issue is protecting ourselves by strengthening the body’s internal defences with good nutrition. The pollutants have adverse health effect on humans and they include respiratory diseases, cardiovascular damage, harms the liver, damges reproductive organs and so on.

When it comes to respiratory system (RS), it is easier said than done because of the following special features of the RS. Read on.

How can you protect yourself?

Remember that the supply of protein is required to protect us against the respiratory diseases and below are the tips.

  1. Eat 1 gram of good quality protein for each kilogram of body weight.
  2. The storage space in the body for protein is very limited. Therefore, it is wise to divide the day’s protein quota equally among all meals
  3. Protein in the Indian diet comes mainly from grains and milk, both of which have very high calories per gram of protein. So it may be difficult to fulfill the protein quota with these sources alone, on our present day calorie restricted diets. This inadequate protein in our diets may be as big a cause or even bigger than the toxic air, for our breathing problems
  4. So if we want to protect ourselves from breathing disorders, we must pay as much attention to protein in our diet, as to the air pollutants

Below is the list of protein sources that blend well with the vegetarian diet of Indians. Give a quick read.

  1. Meal replacement supplements
  2. Make paneer at home from fat free milk
  3. Til oil cake
  4. Nuts and oil seeds in limited quantity
  5. Hemp seeds
  6. Spirulina

Here’s how we can help:

A good nutrition is solution to many health problems and we are here to make sure you lead a healthy lifestyle. Our professional can help you come up with a chart of nutrition that suits you well after analysing your body type and status. Undeniably, this makes a huge difference.

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