Know your food: Eating food is more than just filling stomach

Know your food: Eating food is more than just filling stomach

Do you know your food well? About the nutritional values in it? How many calories your food provides?

We say, one should know what kind of food they are eating because good nutrition is more than just filling your stomach. Undeniably, the food and the nutrient components impacts your overall health in terms of energy and well-being.

Always, remember:

“Eating healthy food fills your body with energy and nutrients. Imagine your cells smiling back at you and saying: Thank you!”

– Karen Salmansohn

It is already a known fact that people love variety, particularly when it comes to food and nobody denies it. All we say is know the calories glycemic load, proteins, carbs, fats, grains, N3-N6 ratio and other major components your food provides you so that you can lead a very happy and healthy lifestyle.

For your better understanding, we have come up with the list of foods and their compositions. Take a quick look.

CAFO – Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation.

SFA – Saturated Fatty Acids

MUFA – Mono unsaturated Fatty Acids

N-6 – Omega 6 fatty acids

N-3 Omega 3 fatty acids

Fit For Life Foods

Home Foods

Restaurant Foods

Here’s how we can help you:

All we need to do is eat good food that is loaded with major nutrients and at times, it might become bit difficult due to health issues. So, we are here to educate you to calculate your calories and teach you to analyze your food intake and make your transition a smooth and smart ride.

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