Lifestyle Diseases (LSDs)

LSDs have become the biggest financial drain on families as well as severely affecting the quality of life; more so during the silver years when one is most vulnerable both, financially and physically. Although the Lifestyle Diseases show their full fury during a person’s silver years, they start during your youth. The symptoms of Lifestyle Diseases start off with destruction of beta cells that produce insulin (the symptoms of which are blood sugar levels that are higher than 110 and/or a bulging belly). Since these symptoms do not cause much inconvenience, apart from a little cosmetic aberration, they are generally ignored until full blown LSD is diagnosed, by which time at least half the beta cells have been lost. Even after diagnosis, the emphasis is generally on drugs but not on correcting the lifestyle that has started the beta cell destruction in the first place. Thus, the insulin quantity keeps reducing with the time and /or continues to be ineffective, resulting in an increased dosage of the medicines. With continual disregard for one’s health, the increasing amount of medication taken is bound to add a negative impact on the already existing problem.

The answer to this problem lies in the Wellness Orbit. It can do the following at various stages of LSDs:

  1. Before the symptoms start: Prevent the LSDs.
  2. After the symptoms appear: Cure the LSDs.
  3. After the disease is diagnosed: Reverse the LSDs.
With an increasing disregard to the Wellness Orbit, if immediate action isn’t taken, then you have to make time for your sickness.