Getting back into shape after weekend bingeing.

Now that you have downed all those yummy foods during the fun weekend, it is time for you to get back on track! With the rising sun on Monday, fantasy fizzles and reality creeps in along with the panic and you definitely start looking for things to do after that delicious binge.

But we say – “Life happens, don’t fret”

Just don’t beat yourself up after the indulgence because few high calories isn’t going to completely undo all of your progress.

All you need to do is just forgive yourself and move on to the healthy options. We have summed up the list of meals for you to recover from the damage done during the weekend. Read on.

Breakfast –  Meal Replacement Supplement (MRS)

Lunch –  Salad laced with protein and Fit For Life curd

Tea time – Banana Chips with lots of Hummus

Dinner – Vegetable khichdi with a serving of animal protein (if possible) or tofu and mushrooms

Bedtime snack: Veg juice and paneer

It is quite common to feel tempting to skimp on breakfast or lunch the day after overeating and if you think that the above menu looks bit insipid, think of the alternatives to it, some of which are:

1. Carry the excess weight for rest of your life and also carry it forward to the next meal, day and weekend, which becomes an endless vicious cycle.

2. Follow the General Motors diet or other diet fads.

3. Enjoy the Nimboo Pani at some Nature Cure Ashram etc. which generally are very short-term and not sustainable.

We totally understand that practicing the above menu might be bit difficult after binge eating because of the below mentioned hormonal changes caused by weekend binging.

But remember – “A moment on the lips, forever on the hips”

1. Insulin: Depending on the previous day’s meals, first phase of insulin is produce. So, insulin produced after the MRS breakfast is much more than what is required, and you may feel bit hungry even after breakfast. Just suppress this pseudo hunger with water or Afresh.

2. Stomach Volume: Large meals over the weekend expands the stomach volume and the small meal cannot stop the hunger hormone (Ghrelin) production. So, fill up the stomach with big serving of lettuce and guard salad laced with Fit For life curd and protein.

3. Leptin: It is a satiety hormone produced by fat tissue and low calorie diet reduces this hormone, so the brain doesn’t let you stop eating. Will power is the only answer!

Rather than feeling guilty, focus on the positive things you can do after consuming foods with jam-packed with sugar, salt and trans fats because these foods can’t make or break the healthy eating efforts over the long-term. Give a quick read to the below mentioned list and implement them too.

1. Hit the gym as usual or go for a walk

2. Drinks lots of water

3. Don’t skip meals

4. Go to bed early

5. Avoid hard-to-digest foods

6. Don’t ever starve as penance

7. Rid your kitchen of binge triggers

8. Practice mindful eating

Stop worrying and get ready for healthier days ahead!