What a weekend!: Now, It’s time to get back on track!

Now, that the weekend and partying is over, it’s time to get back into reality of shedding all those extra calories because, if not, they show up around the waist!

If you ignore them and are not careful, those extra calories pile up week after week and will present you the spare tyre around the middle by couple of inches and at worst gift you the Lifestyle Disease (LSD).

At that point, it will be no use, if you blame your work tensions, pollution etc because the real cause is the lack of wellness knowledge.

What needs to be done?

Many people think that if you burn calories that you downed at the party is sufficient to stay healthy but unfortunately that’s not the truth. The real damage of partying is not excess calories. It is high blood sugar, if the partying is limited to eating. If alcohol is involved, then its high blood sugar and oxidative stress.

So, here are certain tips as how we can protect ourselves. Read on.

The most easy and convenient way to bring down sugar levels is sweating it out in the morning after the party. A brisk walk or aerobic at the gym can help you out.

The major problem with the alcohol is that it results in oxidative stress. Unfortunately, the high intensity exercise required to control the sugar levels may increase the oxidative stress temporarily. So the answer to tackle the twin problems of blood sugar and oxidative stress is to take a walk in the park on the morning after the party and do resistance training in the evening.

This is the least you can do to stay healthy after consuming all those unnecessary fats and calories. Always, remember –

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

– By Lao Tzu

So, act wisely and start now so that you can lead a healthy lifestyle ahead.