About Us

Fit4Life India is an integrated nutrition and wellness firm for INDIANS that provides completes solutions, addressing health and wellness challenges of individuals by working on their overall wellbeing i.e. by addressing their physical and mind-set issues and challenges. Fit4Life’s unique methodology allows for complete customisation of wellness solutions that are tailor-made for each individual.

Fit4Life India is founded by C Subba Rao, a clinical nutritionist and Deepika Chalasani, India’s first Mind Body Eating Coach and a weight management and lifestyle specialist. Fit4Life was officially incorporated in 2012, after Rao and Chalasani, spent over a decade in understanding health and wellness and how it impacts the INDIAN body and mind.

Both Rao and Deepika have the unique distinction of belonging to a select group of people who have lost over 20 kgs and sustained it for more than 5 years. They and their family members are prime examples of people who have reversed their metabolic disorders and have successfully sustained it without any medication. In the last 18 years, Fit4Life has helped more than 1500 individuals & their families successfully manage their health goals.

Fit4Life supports its client in the areas of weight management, energy and fitness, digestive health,targeted nutrition which includes metabolic disorders like diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol,triglycerides, inflammation, uric acid, PCOD & PCOS, children’s health, eating psychology, neurology or wellness, coaching & counselling services for personal and professional growth and healthy active lifestyle.

Fit4Life’s tools and techniques include proprietary products and methodologies like Fit4Life Wellness Orbit which integrates nutrition, physical activity, minimized intermittent stress and restful sleep to provide the desired level of holistic fitness and wellbeing.

Fit4Life’s studies the blood profile and the Karada scan (Fat: Muscle Ratio) of clients to understand how their current nutrition and lifestyle habits impacts their health. Modifications are made to their nutrition and lifestyle. Clients are monitored on the karada scan on a fortnightly basis and their lipid profile on a three-monthly basis to ensure their lipid profile and health parameters show improvement.

In most cases, complete reversals have been observed. In some cases, partial reversals have been observed. Fit4Life uses scientific evidence and clinical research data as a base for its solutions to address issues, faced by its clients. Solutions are tailor-made and can be clinically proven to have a marked effect on an individual’s health.

Fit4Life’s team of nutritionists, weight management and lifestyle specialists, behavioural assessment specialists, Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioners and professionals in energy transformation collaborate with fitness professionals and the medical fraternity help individuals to develop or alter food habits, lifestyle habits and mindsets that lead to a lifetime of good health.

Companies can use Fit4life’s expertise in the following areas:
• Company wide initiatives for employee health and wellbeing
• Training programs for individuals on the basics of nutrition and wellness
• Nutritional lunches for employees

Deepika Chalasani

Deepika Chalasani
Co-founder, Fit4Life India
Clinical Nutritionist & Mind-body Transformation Coach

Deepika Chalasani, 46, is the co-founder of Fit4Life India, an integrated nutrition and wellness organisation for Indians that provides complete solutions, addressing health and wellness challenges of individuals by working on their overall wellbeing i.e. by addressing their physical and mind-set issues and challenges.

With a career spanning two decades, Deepika began her career as a corporate executive, leading. Talent Engagement & Development for marquee organisations such as ADP, Wipro and ITC Ltd. During her tenure as a consultant, she headed the South India Operations for Quadrangle Consulting and was the India Lead for Cubiks, a global behavioural assessment company based in London.

She has assessed, coached and trained mid and senior leadership and has also undertaken global training assignments in the US, UK, Paris, and Shanghai. Her key clients straddle various industry verticals and include Tata Consultancy Services, Godrej, Cognizant, Ashok Leyland, ABB, GSPC (a Govt. of Gujrat Undertaking), ITC InfoTech, Kone Elevators, Britannia Industries, SREI and Thermax.

Deepika’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2012, when she, along with her father, C Subba Rao, cofounded Fit4Life India. Deepika uses a plethora of methodologies related to the mind & body which, include classical cognitive behaviour therapy, Psychometrics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), High Performance Coaching model, Energy Transformation System and Eating Psychology.

As a clinical nutritionist & mind-body transformation coach, she works with people from diverse backgrounds and age groups, helping them with goals actualization, congenial relationships, career transition, conflict management, weight, mood swings, fatigue, stress management, sleep disorders, metabolic syndromes like BP and diabetes. She plays a vital role in helping her clients revisit and question their limiting belief systems, dysfunctional values frameworks, blocks and mindsets as well as working on their wellness orbit, which comprises nutrition, physical activity, sleep and stress.

As a co-founder, Deepika is also the face and voice of the company and is responsible for the long-term health of the company to ensure that the team is accomplishing its goals; for long-term strategy; to secure the right resources; setting the company’s culture and values; and, for maintaining team morale.

Deepika holds a Masters in Economics from Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics and a PostGraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management from the Symbiosis Centre of Management & HRD, Pune and a Masters in Psychotherapy and counselling

Besides being India’s first Mind-Body Eating Coach, she also holds prominent certifications in the realm of nutrition, mind, body and holistic wellbeing. Some of these include Fellowship in Clinical Nutrition, Weight Management and Lifestyle Specialist Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Certificate in Food & Nutrition, Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education; Trainer, Master Practitioner and Coach in Neuro-linguistic programming, Bars & Body Process Practitioner with Access Consciousness,
Enneagram Practitioner.

Subba Rao

C Subba Rao
Founder Fit4life India & Clinical Nutritionist

Subba Rao Chalasani(79) has a bachelors degree in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry from University of Panthanagar (India’s premier agriculture university) and has over 5 decades of experience in agriculture & animals and their biochemistry.

Subba Rao took to nutritional research in the late 90s to lose 20kgs excess weight that plagued him since his youth and to reverse metabolic related disorders such as cholesterol, triglycerides, diabetes, edema for himself and his wife. Enthused by the results, he pursued masters in nutrition at the ripe age of 60.

Since 2000, he has been spending many hours researching about theuniqueness of INDIANS, their health challenges and ways to overcome it through balanced nutrition, appropriate fitness & lifestyle changes.

He has successfully reversed metabolic disorders sustainably like blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and diabetes for himself,his family, friends and clients for over 18 years now. Some of these individuals are senior citizens too.

Today, he runs a health center along with his wife in Secunderabad which has temperature controlled swimming pool,yoga center, nutrition clinic and is a certified water aerobics coach.

He also conducts cooking classes for healthy living for his clients.He has developed some signature food products for Indians and is in the process of patenting some of them.

Some of his physical fitness accomplishments also include a gold medal in the senior citizen’s 10k run and has also cycled 1000kms in 15days across Telengana at the age of 70 spreading nutritional awareness in rural areas At 79, he and his wife Ramadevi (69)., lead a healthy active lifestyle with a work schedule that spans over 18 hours on most days without having to go for routine doctor visits