Protect yourself from alcohol induced weight gain

Yes, alcohol and weight gain are definitely directly proportional and it is not as easy as you think to shed those extra calories when you choose to consume it regularly. Because, it’ simple! The relationship between booze and weight is complicated.

When this is the reality, no diet plan can help you out and the goal of losing weight remains a distant dream. It is difficult for sure but definitely not impossible. All you need to do is – cut down on alcohol.

We also know that figuring out how many calories are in your glass seems tad bit impossible because once you’ve had a couple who’s counting?! But here lies the trouble and this makes you to gain weight.

From the above chart, one can happily say that calories in alcohol per se are not the issue because the body can’t store alcohol or turn alcohol calories into fat. The problem comes into picture with the food that you eat along. Though, the calories consumed in the form of alcohol are considered “Empty Calories”, it can lead to weight gain due to food.

So, the trouble is – “Booze with dinner”

Here’s how alcohol affects your weight loss:

1. Alcohol can affect your vital organs

2. It contributes to excess belly fat

3. It negatively affects your sleep

4. It impacts digestion

5. It triggers impulsive snacking

6. It changes fat distribution in the body 

Risks of alcohol-related weight gain on overall health:

Now, let’s see the impact of alcohol-related weight changes on the health.

1. High cholesterol

2. Tooth decay

3. Seizures

4. Increased rate of heart disease

5. Higher risk of heart attack and stroke

6. Depression

7. Higher risk of few cancers

8. Memory loss

9. Dehydration

10. Increased risk for Type II diabetes

The below mentioned habits can help you little bit:

1. Avoid eating while consuming alcohol because body cannot use food while it is dealing with alcohol

2. Prefer drinking after having a bowl of salad with lacing of meat or paneer.

3. Keep the ‘drinking sessions’ as short as possible because body stops burning fat while you are drinking and for quite some time thereafter

4. Alcohol lowers the inhibition which makes you to eat unhealthier food

5. Skipping meals after the drinks is worse, this leads to fatty liver

6. You can replace one of the meals with low calorie Meal Replacement Supplement (RPS) on the day you plan to drink alcohol.

7. Lack of nutrients in the alcohol can be made good to some extent by eating nutritious and protein rich meal prior to ‘drinking’.

8. Eat a low fat protein rich meal before ‘drinking session’

So, if you want to get back into shape, just quit drinking alcohol. After all, what do you have to lose? Except a few inches off your waist