Don't Feed The Cancer!

Cancer is such a dreaded disease that you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy. That’s why crores of rupees are spent on educating us on the pitfalls and dangers of tobacco, which is a carcinogen (an agent that can cause cancer). Even so, tobacco is not the most prolific cause of cancer. More people (almost double) get cancer from food (even from their kitchens) and obesity than tobacco.

The following Pie Diagram illustrates this:     

      • Tobacco – 25 to 30%
      • Diet – 30 to 35%
      • Obesity – 10 to 20%
      • Alcohol – 4 to 6%
      • Infections – 15 to 20%
      • Others – 10 to 15%

Understanding Cancer:

Cancer is caused by an error during cell division in a single cell. We have trillions of cells and they divide billions of times. Cancer tumours are omnipresent, but our immune system keeps them in check. Autopsies conducted on people who died in automotive accidents revealed that 40% of women between ages of 40 and 50 have microscopic tumours in their breasts and 50% of men in their 50s and 60s have microscopic tumours in their prostate. Present lab techniques can detect cancer only when it multiplies to over a billion cells at that time it would weigh about one gram. Microscopic cancers are undetectable by present screening technology.

Life is too complicated for science to have all the answers
A comparison of ancient knowledge like the Charaka Samhita with modern science might illustrates this point. Two thousand years ago, Charaka Samhita stated that wild meat is healthier than domestic meat. But it wasn’t until 1980 that modern Science caught up and rediscovered this fact in the lab, for which The Nobel Prize was awarded in 1983. In the future, lab techniques may become advanced enough to be able to identify tumours consisting of less than a billion cells, after which the true picture may emerge.

Cut the blood supply to the tumour:

Tumours can grow only if they get sufficient blood supply, by creating new blood vessels to get the required blood. The technical name for this is Angiogenesis. Cancer patients are treated with anti-angiogenic drugs, but there are severe side effects to those drugs. Fortunately there are anti-angiogenic foods which we can all have whether we have cancer or not, because the same angiogenesis could be involved in obesity.

Eat to starve the cancer:

Another weapon we have in our arsenal to fight cancer is the type of energy we feed to our cells. Normal cells can use either carbohydrates in the form of glucose or fat in the form of ketones. But cancer cells thrive only on glucose. This is one of the reasons why cancer is called a metabolic disease. So, if we change our diet to a ketogenic diet, we might be able to starve the cancer. If that weren’t enough, a ketogenic diet could also give you a flat tummy, a sharper brain, and less fatigue.

According to newspaper reports on 15.6.15, the rate of diabetes in the population increased by 129% over the last two decades. Most people never even paid attention to this news, because the common thought process of many diabetics is “I will enjoy my sweet now and have insulin later”. People get away with this thought process, because amputations, kidney failure and all the ugly symptoms of diabetes, although a definite possibility, are comparatively rare.

But cancer is not that forgiving. It could take over 20 to 30 years to strike, but it strikes when you are most vulnerable and when you least expect it, i.e., during your silver years.

The table below shows how the risk of cancer increases exponentially with age.

Age / Decade
Risk Of Developing Cancer

Cancer is not a cheap disease like diabetes, neither is it as painless as diabetes.
When cancer strikes, the patient is in agony through both the disease and the treatment, while their loved ones stare at financial ruin and heartbreak.

So look after yourself now, so that your silver years turn into golden years both for you and your loved ones.

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