Protect yourself from alcohol induced weight gain

Alcohol sabotages weight loss. But it cannot be wished away as it is a fact of life for many. So let us try to make best of the bad job by learning to drink with least amount of damage. To start with let us know calorie content of some of the ‘drinks’ and the ‘eats’ that accompany them.

From the above you may note that although the calories in the ‘drinks’ are substantial, it is calories in the foods and soft drinks that accompany them that make matters worse. The following aggravate the situation further:

1. ‘Drink’ is a pleasure for you but poison to the body. So avoid eating while drinking, because body cannot use food while it is busy dealing with poison.

2. Don’t use the drinking session to satiate the hunger. Go to the ‘session’ after having a bowl of salad with lacing of Meat or Paneer.

3. Keep the ‘drinking sessions’ as short as possible, because body stops burning fat while you are drinking and for quite some time thereafter. This is one of the major reasons for bulging bellies among ‘drinkers’.

4. ‘Drink’ lowers the inhibition which makes you to eat more unhealthy food than you intend to.

5. While eating with ‘drinks’ is bad, skipping meals after the drinks is worse, because it can lead to a Fatty liver.

6. With a bit of planning, the calorie content of the ‘drinks’ can be accommodated within daily calorie quota. On the day you intend to ‘drink’ replace one of the meals with low calorie Meal Replacement Supplement (MRS).

7. Lack of nutrients in the alcohol can be made good to some extent by eating nutritious and protein rich meal prior to ‘drinking’.

8. Bottom line: Eat a low fat protein rich meal before ‘drinking session’; No eats along with ‘drinks and High carb low fat meal after the ‘drinks’.