Physical Activities

Physical Activities

Fitness includes cardiovascular functioning, which is improved by aerobic activities that get your heart and lungs working faster. It also includes muscle strength, flexibility, and balance.

Reasons to stay fit:

  1. Be healthier
  2. Increase your chance of living longer
  3. Feel enthusiastic and energetic
  4. Reduce chances of depression
  5. Improve sleeping pattern
  6. Look good
  7. Be in shape
  8. Have stronger muscles and bones
  9. Achieve or maintain a healthy weight
  10. Reduce risk of heart attacks, high blood pressure, obesity and many more chronic diseases
  11. Improves Blood circulation to inactive areas.
  12. Mobilizes fat stores
  13. Enhances cellular activity
  14. Improves serotonin levels (happy hormones)

Doing the following can bring about physical fitness

Aerobic activities

Make you breathe harder and make your heart and blood vessels healthier.
These include:

  • Walking
  • Dancing
  • Swimming
  • Water aerobics
  • Jogging and running
  • Aerobic exercise classes
  • Bicycle riding (stationary or on a path)
  • Some gardening activities, such as raking and pushing a lawn mower
  • Tennis
  • Golfing (without a cart)


Muscle-strengthening activities

Build up your strength

These activities work all the different parts of the body such as legs, hips, back, chest, stomach, shoulders, and arms. These include:

  • Heavy gardening (digging, shoveling)
  • Lifting weights
  • Push-ups on the floor or against the wall
  • Sit-ups
  • Working with resistance bands (long, wide rubber strips that stretch)
  • Pilates

Flexibility-enhancing activities

Ensure a good range of motion in the joints.

Loss of flexibility can be a predisposing factor for physical issues, such as pain syndromes or balance disorders. Gender, age, and genetics may all influence range of motion. Flexibility exercises include:

  • Stretching
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi or Qi Gong
  • Pilates

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