Party the healthy way

The weekend is here heralding the party time. The following tips will help you enjoy the parties and not get worried about fitness.
  1. If you maintain the correct Carb: Protein: Fat ratio throughout the week, you can eat less calories during the week to compensate for extra calories over the weekend. Yourbody will use the already existing glycogen reserves during the weekdays and top it up, over the weekend as well, when you consume more calories.
  2. Trying to burn the extra calories through exercise is neither practical nor necessary. (You have to jog for more than 30 minutes to burn the calories contained in a bowl of ice cream and you have to just consume 3500 Calories to put on ½ kg of weight).
  3. Bingeing on Ice cream or fruits after a sumptuous meal is a much bigger problem than weight gain. It is rooted in the Carbohydrate addiction and needs expert guidance.
  4. Exercise before and after partying is required as much for calorie burning as it is required to maintain blood sugar.
  5. Weight training on the morning of the party makes the muscles ready to accept the extra calories. This effect lasts for 24 hours.
  6. Aerobic exercise on the morning after the party burns the fat besides flooding the blood with feel good hormone called serotonin. But don’t overdo it as you may get injured.
  7. If you had one too many at the bar, protecting your body from oxidative stress (supplements) should take precedence over burning calories/managing blood glucose levels, otherwise you may end up with alcoholic fatty liver.
  8. If possible, have vegetable juice with the fiber included in the vegetables, before retiring for the night. It will feed the bacteria in the gut which produce the fatty acids that strengthen the liver. Start the day after the party with a bowl of fruits (not the fruit juice) laced with cream, followed by vegetable juice that’s laced with Soy protein. These antioxidants will fight the oxidative stress created by alcohol.
  9. If your body lets you, sweating it out in the open air is a good idea.