Fit4Life Mobile App and its benefits

Thanks to the prevalence of Lifestyle Diseases (LSDs) on an epidemic scale, most of us are preoccupied with controlling the LSD related parameters like Blood Sugar, BP, Cholesterol etc. Since the diet has a profound impact on the above parameters, the objective at meal time seems to be more about controlling the LSD related parameters rather than providing nutrition to the body. So it is not uncommon to see people eating only egg whites or refusing to eat red meat in order to protect their hearts or eating oats at breakfast, because they had been advised that it would control their blood sugar. The same people, who follow the food guidelines so religiously, lose all the control over food when they are exposed to their favorite foods at the ‘parties’. When this happens a couple of times, they end up throwing the food guide lines and resort to uncontrolled eating, until their next visit to the doctor when they are handed out even more stiffer guidelines and higher doses of medicines. The way is to quantify the damage expected to be done by the favorite food and counter balance it with another healthy food. If a weight watcher wants to enjoy yummy biryani, he can enjoy it without guilt, but have a low calorie Meal Replacement Supplement at the next meal to compensate for the extra calories of Biryani. Similarly, a diabetic can enjoy his/her favorite desert provided another food with enough protein and fiber is consumed as part of the same meal. The problem is that all these decisions need to be made while sitting in front of the food. That is what the Fit4Life App does. By signing up for the 3 or 6 months Fit4Life program and installing the Fit4Life App, not only can you can check your values for the following parameters for the foods of your choice, but also lets you correct them by adding some other favorite foods to the meal, if they are out of range. blog-table-01 The Fit4Life App shows these parameters for each meal not just for the day, but for the week and also for the month. This is so that you can correct them at the earliest opportunity. If you desire, these values are also flashed to our Nutritionists who can then show you the ways correct them without depriving you of your favorite foods. So next time, if you find that your food guidelines are too daunting, don’t junk them – use the Fit4Life App which will help you follow the guidelines without tears.