After the Weekend

The weekend and the partying is over. The challenge is how to get rid of all those extra calories that show up around the waist. The way out for many, is to ignore them. But the party season has just started and if you don’t do something now, the extra calories that pile up week after week will at best increase the spare tyre around the middle by couple of inches and at worst will gift you with the Lifestyle Disease (LSD). Blaming the work pressure / pollution etc are of no use, because they are not the real cause. The real cause is lack of wellness knowledge.

Although lot of people think that burning the extra calories is sufficient to offset damage done at the party, it is not entirely true. The real damage of partying is not excess calories. It is high blood sugar, if the partying is limited to eating and high blood sugar and oxidative stress, if alcohol is involved. So let us look into the ways to protect ourselves from them.

Easy way to bring down sugar levels is sweating it out on the morning after the party. A brisk walk in the park or aerobics at the gym will do this. The problem is with alcohol which causes oxidative stress. Unfortunately the high intensity exercise required to control the sugar levels may increase the oxidative stress temporarily. So the answer to tackle the twin problems of blood sugar and oxidative stress is to take a walk in the park on the morning after the party and do resistance training in the evening. If all this looks daunting, remember that it is minimum required if you don’t want to burn the candle from both the ends but want leave some of it for your silver years.